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TriVision Joins Forces With Skala AS in Norway

TriVision partners with Skala AS as the company becomes TriVision's distributor in Norway. The collaboration aims to streamline the inspection processes in the Norwegian Food industry by combining Skala's extensive market knowledge and presence with TriVision's unique offering in terms of intuitive, leading vision technology.

The goal is to empower food producers in Norway, supporting them in ensuring compliance while enhancing performance and sustainability.

TriVision has already established a presence in the Norwegian market, with several systems operating across food sectors. TriVision's success in Norway has proven the market's attractiveness and potential. The industry is innovative and highly focused on automation and implementing the newest process technologies available:

“Norwegian food producers are keen to implement the newest and most efficient process technology available. They are truly frontrunners. TriVision’s machine vision inspection and data tools can help them automate and digitize the inspection process, and make a significant impact on the production performance”, says Jesper Bach, CEO at TriVision A/S.

With Skala now offering automated inspection solution to its customers and TriVision benefiting from Skala's expertise in the Norwegian food industry, the collaboration makes perfect sense for both companies. Together, both aim to solidify their positions as preferred suppliers to the food industry.

Skala has supplied the Norwegian food industry for more than 80 years, which means the company has vast experience in delivering process technology for the industry. The company excels in all areas of the process which includes design, engineering, projection execution, automation, assembly and commissioning.


Skala to showcase TriVision solutions at Aqua Nor 2023
Skala will participate at the Aqua Nor tradeshow 2023 in Trondheim from 22-24 August to demonstrate TriVision’s vision inspection technology. Visitors can experience automated packaging inspection and even step in as the operator to discover how efficient  vision systems can be. Visit Skala AS at A-137.

Read more about Skala AS here.

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