Barcode Inspection

Facilitate Efficient Processes with Barcode Inspection

Having correct, readable barcodes on packaging is crucial for manufacturers to do business efficiently. Inventory management, track & tracing and product handling throughout the supply chain depend on barcodes of proper quality.

Our solutions ensure that all approved packages have correct, readable barcodes, which includes verification of the barcode’s grading and quality.

Inspect Different Barcode Types

Different types of barcodes are used on food packaging. 1D barcodes count e.g., EAN-8 and EAN-13 Barcodes, and QR codes count QR and Data Matrix codes.


1D barcodes are embedded with static information such as country of production, production site, batch number etc., and some barcodes are embedded with dynamic data such as weight or price.


Our vision software enables us to inspect, read and validate all types of barcodes used in the food industry, making sure that all barcodes:


  • Are correct and hence contain the correct information
  • Are readable and have the correct grading and quality

Missing Barcode


Missing Barcode


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