Print Inspection

Inspection of
Printed Markings

Food packaging lists variable information such as dates markings, weight and prices, often printed onto labels or packaging materials using a e.g. an ink jet printer in the packaging line. Nozzles issues or incorrect printer settings can cause bad or incorrect prints.

Our vision solutions check the quality of such printed information to ensure that printed date markings are correct, readable and correctly positioned.

Detect Print Errors
While Avoiding False Rejections

Our inspection and reading of date markings utilizes the pros of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Optical Character Verification (OSV) without having their typical disadvantages: false rejections

The cons of OCR and OSV typically count lacking flexibility and low tolerances to variations in the print, causing too many products with acceptable prints to be rejected.

With the printers used today, minor deviations must be expected. TriVision’s intelligent print inspection ensures that only unacceptable quality is rejected, ensuring that manufacturers do not get unnecessary rework, waste, and costs.

Incorrect Expiry Date


Unreadable Expiry Date


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