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TriVision Enters The Spanish Market With Tecnoservei

As the second new market entrance this year, TriVision launches its solutions in Spain by joining forces with the Spanish Company Tecnoservei. Tecnoservei will be distributing TriVision’s vision systems for product and packaging inspection in the food industry, which will expand the Company’s already wide range of machinery and inspection systems for the food manufacturing industry.

Having achieved great momentum quickly in markets similar to the Spanish market seen from the Company’s perspective, TriVision has had Spain as a target market for quite some time. However, it was crucial for TriVision to identify and team up with right local distributor – a process which has now been concluded:

“We are very pleased about starting activities in the Spanish market, which is an attractive market for TriVision. We have been eager to enter Spain as we see similar characteristics and opportunities as we did in e.g., Italy - a market where we quickly gained great momentum. But it was important for us to take our time to find the right distributor in this market as well – and we did so with Tecnoservei” says Jesper Bach, Managing Director at TriVision.

And finding the right distributor is crucial. With Spain as the fifth-largest European food manufacturing industry in Europe and numerous large Spanish food producers with high inspection requirements and optimization aspirations, the market potential is unquestionable. However, pursuing these opportunities in the market is a different story and requires an efficient collaboration:

“We know our solutions address customer needs for automated quality inspection in an unmatched way. But pursuing these opportunities requires a local collaborator with not only a strong market position, customer base and the competences to promote our solutions efficiently, but also with a technical setup and technical know-how to distribute and maintain our solutions professionally, making customers feel comfortable before and after investing in our solutions. We are thrilled to have Tecnoservei onboard as an experienced distributor with vast knowledge about the Spanish food sectors’ needs and competences in providing product inspection solutions”, says Jesper Bach.

Hence, joining forces with Tecnoservei is the result of a thorough process to find the perfect distributor in Spain. And Tecnoservei came to the same conclusion as TriVision – the collaboration is an important, beneficial one for both companies:

"For Tecnoservei, it is important to offer vision inspection solutions to offer a complete solutions catalogue to our customers - to support our position as a leader in the Spanish market of turnkey solutions for quality inspection of packaged goods. We value the quality of TriVision’s products and its capabilities to be integrated as stand-alone systems in production lines. It fits perfectly in our portfolio and with the profile of Tecnoservei - a 30-year-old company with a satisfied customer base", says Antonio Navarro López, General Manager at Tecnoservei.

Besides having identified a perfect supplier-distributor relationship, Tecnoservei also confirms the vast potential for TriVision’s turnkey vision solutions in the Spanish market:

"There is a great growth potential for these types of solutions in the Spanish market. TriVision solutions are comprehensive and have a lot of added value compared to competitors. Standard competitors count small engineering companies providing ad hoc systems or big manufacturers who not only address the inspection process, but also other parts of the production line. So, they are not as focused and specialized on the quality inspection and vision systems, which makes TriVision’s systems very competitive in the market", says Antonio Navarro López.


Facts about Tecnoservei

Tecnoservei is an engineering and industrial machinery company located in Barcelona, which was founded back in 1993, where the company started out with high specialization within industrial installations – especially in electrical and electronic systems.

Today, Tecnoservei distributes, builds, programs, installs and commissions equipment of market-leading manufacturers within the company’s main sectors counting agri-food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical sectors. The company has 50 employees.

Tecnoservei has already great experience with providing machines for product inspection as its product range already counts x-ray systems, metal detectors, weight control and optical sorting - and previously also counted vision systems.

Read more about Tecnoservei here.

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