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TriVision introduces VisioLine® - the only thermoformer-integrated seal validation system for the food and medical industry

TriVision expands the application of machine vision for packaging inspection with a standardized, integrated solution. The system is called VisioLine® and is the first standardized solution for integration in thermoformers offering both seal validation and verification of the food labelling, codes, and printed markings.

The solution breaks down certain barriers that food producers might face when looking to upgrade existing packaging lines - to keep up with today’s consumer and retailer demands.

While stand-alone vision systems for validating seal integrity and verifying label information already exist, TriVision has developed the first and only vision system for integration in thermoforming machine, offering a fully comparable alternative, eliminating typical deal breakers that producers face when considering implementing vision inspection.


“ -The issues that VisioLine® addresses are generic, as we see limited space and unstable packaging material being showstoppers across industries and sectors. By offering a standardized, integrated solution, we have made the technology even more accessible for not only cheese, meat, and other food producers, but also producers of medical equipment.”

Jesper Bach

CEO at TriVision A/S

VisioLine® is currently the only standardized vision system for integration in thermoforming machines that provides both seal and label inspection.

This is made possible with a unique setup of vision components supported by TriVision’s advanced software. It enables VisioLine® to inspect the seal region of multiple packages reliably within the thermoformer, just before the punching process.

VisioLine® is a complete vision system for integration in thermoforming machines of various types and sizes. The system inspects packaging’s sealing for contaminations and the labelling, including barcodes, printed markings such as dates and LOT number, and label or foil placement.


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