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St. Clemens, located on the Danish island Bornholm, is a leading manufacturer in the Scandinavian dairy industry and exports to extensive regions worldwide. They specialize in producing milk, ice cream, and cheese, including the renowned Danablu cheese.

As the cheese industry is increasingly implementing vision technology and automation, St. Clemens wanted to invest in a more efficient and automated packaging line. Consequently, they chose to implement TriVision’s VisioPointer® to streamline the inspection process for their triangled danablu cheese.

The VisioPointer® offers a comprehensive solution, ensuring faster, safer, and more efficient inspections compared to manual methods. By integrating the VisioPointer® into their product line, St. Clemens ensures delivering flawless products.

When asked about their choice of TriVision, St. Clemens cited several crucial factors, including TriVision's expertise, experience, and competitive pricing.

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VisioPointer® is highly intuitive

“The interface is easy to use, and once you get to know the system, it is extremely simple to add new products in the system, define label position, appearance etc.”

René H. Olsson

Packaging Manager at St. Clemens

VisioPointer® Boosts Quality and Efficiency

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What do the customers say about VisioPointer®?

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VisioPointer® in action

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