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TriVision Launches New Vision System - VisioCompact®

New compact solution for packaging inspection launched
We are pleased to announce the launch of VisioCompact® - an extremely compact vision system for thorough inspection of food packaging.
Hence, VisioCompact® joins our range of standardized vision systems as an ideal solution for automating the inspection of packaging in production lines with minimal footprint available.

The new solution is developed as a stand-alone unit with a built-in conveyor, operator panel and ejector. As a complete solution with a compact design and multiple conveyor configurations, VisioCompact® can fit into most production lines.
Multiple cameras can be added to the unit to inspect labels, artwork, date markings and barcodes on all sides of food packages. That gives even manufacturers with minimal footprint available the opportunity to implement a complete vision solution for efficient, thorough quality control of packaging. With multiple configurations available, the standardized solution can easily be tailored to meet the individual manufacturer’s inspection requirements.

We expect that VisioCompact® as a flexible, compact solution will contribute to making TriVision even more relevant to more food manufacturers. Many manufacturers lack space in their production lines while also facing different challenges in the production and different demands from different retailers, which calls for a flexible, compact solution:

“By introducing VisioCompact®, we expand our partners’ toolbox for when facing customers, their challenges and requirements. Being able to provide additional standardized, effective vision solutions strengthens our position as the food industry’s leading provider of vision. We expect VisioCompact® to boost our growth not only by conquering more of our existing customers’ production lines, but also by opening doors to new customers’ production facilities”, says Jesper Bach, CEO at TriVision A/S.

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