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TriVision Intensifies Activities in Norway with Scaleit Collaboration

Scaleit becomes TriVision distributor in Norway as TriVision aims to penetrate the Norwegian market.
Having already experienced success in Norway, TriVision joins forces with Scaleit to penetrate an attractive market where the food manufacturing industry is ready to automate inspection processes with leading vision technology.

Since 1971, Scaleit has been a trusted advisor for several industries in Norway - including the food industry. The company provides solutions for e.g. weighing, product inspection, filling, marking, tracing, and documentation. Scaleit’s strong market position widens TriVision’s possibilities for growth in Norway:

“We are happy that Scaleit, a trusted key advisor for many Norwegian food manufacturers, joins our distributor network. Scaleit has supported the food manufacturing industry for years, so they know the Norwegian food manufacturers, their needs and challenges very, very well – which will help boost sales in an attractive Norwegian market.”, says Jesper Bach, Managing Director at TriVision A/S.

And the Norwegian market is indeed an attractive one. Studies show that Norwegian companies, including manufacturers within the food industry, are leading when it comes to adopting new technologies. Norwegian food manufacturers have highly automated productions lines and are more than ready to automate their quality control using TriVision’s leading vision technology as well. Technology that not only reliably ensures perfect quality, but also increases throughput, reduces quality control costs, food loss and waste – which is crucial with Norwegian salaries and retail prices being among the highest in Europe.

Scaleit has always had a key focus on delivering durable solutions of high quality – which is something that aligns perfectly with TriVision’s product offering:

“We know that Scaleit always strive to deliver solutions of high quality and is known for doing so.
Their focus aligns perfectly with our purpose of providing leading, efficient vision inspection systems that provide long-lasting value to our customers, so we really expect this cooperation to be a great fit and success”, says Jesper Bach.

The alignment between TriVision’s solutions and Scaleit’s way of doing business is also the key indicator for Scaleit that the cooperation is going to be a great fit and opportunity:

“We have known TriVision for years, and when the possibility for a cooperation came up, we simply couldn’t say no. TriVision’s innovative products and professional customer approach just fits in with our business and how we do things at Scaleit”, says Øyvind Eriksen, TriVision Sales Responsible at Scaleit.

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