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New configuration enables seal inspection through edge-to-edge artwork

Food packaging is constantly being improved – and so is our vision technology.

With the newest configuration of the VisioPointer®, food manufacturers can now extend their artwork and designs to the edges of the packaging’s top foil covering the seal area without compromising the seal inspection. That goes for sealed tray packaging as well as thermoformed packaging.

These extra possibilities in the packaging design process can makes a difference for food manufacturers, when their products battle for the consumers’ attention and interest in the supermarkets amongst many alternatives on the shelves.

A New Configuration of Proven Technology
This new configuration joins our range of possible VisioPointer® configurations, each developed for specific inspection purposes. They all consist of proven and thoroughly tested combinations of high-end sensors, computers, cameras, lights and our own advanced, but user-friendly software with many inspection modules. The development of this configuration has been driven by an increased demand for such a solution; more manufacturers are expanding their artwork to the edges:

“Manufacturers naturally try to differentiate their packaging, but on some points, their solutions are very similar. The top foil, in e.g. a thermoform packaging process, is often made transparent near the edges to facilitate visual inspection of the seal. But we are experiencing more and more manufacturers requesting seal inspection on products with edge-to-edge artwork designs, which is why we have invested our time and effort to develop a solution that can identify seal contaminations in a seal area covered by a multi-colored artwork, says Claus Gramkow, Development Director at TriVision.

The increased demand called for a new solution, as contaminations’ visibility in the packaging’s sealing depends on the foil’s color covering that specific area. So, we developed a new configuration for our VisioPointer® to cope with multiple colors and the differences in the contaminations’ visibility that follow. A configuration that could inspect package sealing through foil with a multi-colored artwork covering the seal area – in one single inspection.

Sorting Contaminations From Color Differences
And we solved that challenge indeed. Equipped with near infrared lights, compatible cameras, and a software upgrade, the VisioPointer® can now cope with the variations of the contaminations’ visibility due to color differences and identify all actual contaminations in the sealing – no matter the artwork and color in the foil covering it.
The new configuration’s software upgrade is vital, as it allows the operator during the teach-in of a specific product to set up several presets and thresholds for each color covering the seal area. This process ensures that no contaminations are overlooked, and that merely color differences in the artwork covering the seal area are not detected as contaminations.

So, food manufacturers can now literally push the design of their food packaging to the edge without compromising with seal inspection.

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