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CheeseInspector® Rectangular

Automated Quality Control of Rectangular Cheese Blocks

CheeseInspector® Rectangular automates the inspection of rectangular cheese blocks to ensure compliance and boost efficiency.

The system is a compact turnkey solution with its minimal footprint, built-in conveyor and separate electrical cabinet with HMI panel.

Combined with reliable failure detection, high throughput capacity and data utilization, the system provides a fast return on investment, without compromising product quality.



Inspecting Rectangular
Cheese Blocks

CheeseInspector® Rectangular inspects all sides of rectangular blocks, of different formats and sizes, detecting any mold spots or foil residues on the surface.

Powered by TriVision's leading vision technology, the system provides reliable, consistent failure detection while providing a high throughput capacity.

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  • Detection of mold spots and plastic on the entire cheese surface - all sides.
  • Inspection of squared and round cheese blocks in different formats and sizes.
  • *Capacity is up to 15 blocks per minute - depending on size and shape.
  • Intuitive HMI and real-time overview of quality data and performance.
  • Industry 4.0-ready with multiple comm. protocols and MES/ERP connectivity.
  • Cloud-based backup & Production Intelligence tool.

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