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Machine Vision Inspection
In a Simple Fashion

SmartInspector® is a plug and play vision system that utilizes advanced machine vision technology to perform essential packaging inspection efficiently.

The system is powered by TriVision's software, enabling manufacturers to improve product quality and optimize production processses with a minimal footprint.

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Automated Inspection
For Any Packaging Line

SmartInspector®'s design allows easy implementation on existing conveyors in any packaging line as it is scalable and produced for different conveyor widths.

The system's standard configuration contains a top camera while bottom camera and side camera configurations also are available.

VisioCompact® Camera (LOW)


Essential Inspection Of All Packaging

TriVision's efficient vision technology and intuitive software are utilized by the SmartInspector to perform essential quality control inspections of any type of packaging - in a simple fashion.

The system has a minimalistic, scalable design that allows easy implementation on any conveyor with either brackets or stands, depending on the shop floor conditions.

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  • Simple installation on top of existing conveyor
  • Available in multiple sizes for different conveyor widths
  • Powered by TriVision vision software
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Technical Overview


Cameras: AV Mako G-507C PoE

Max. dimensions of inspected products: 150H x 280W x 280D mm

Max. conveyor speed: 800 mm/s

Mechanical Specifications

Material: Stainless steel AISI 316

Dimensions: 885H x 600W x 460D mm

Maximum Conveyor Belt Width: 340 mm

Ejector Mechanism: Mechanical pusher (Optional)

Built-in Computing System

Processing system: Industrial PC

Operating System: Windows 10 IOT Enterprise LTSB

Interface: Gigabit Ethernet and Digital I/O

Communication protocol: OPC UA and REST

HMI: 15,6" full HD multi-touch panel

Language: All languages are available


Voltage: 230VAC / 50 Hz, Max 13A

Power: 0,5 kW

Pneumatic: On request

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Norsk Kylling

SmartInspector® guarantees superior packaging quality in Norsk Kylling's packaging lines by checking and validating each label, date marking, and barcode on every package that runs down the conveyor belt.


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