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Optimization of Inspection
and Baking Processes

Vision Inspection makes a true difference for the bakery industry. Our solutions help bakery manufacturers ensure quality from the first step in the baking process to the final step within the packaging line.

To inspect quality, production processes and hence optimize to improve OEE.


Packaging Inspection

Validate Baked Products'
Packaging and Shelf Life

Our vision solutions inspect bakery products’ packaging to ensure compliance, food safety and an optimal shelf life.




Inspect Colour to Optimize Quality and Baking

Make sure that your bakery products are perfectly baked by inspecting their colour, using the perfect colour as a reference.

We inspect all produced products to ensure product quality and collect data that enables you to optimize by adjusting your baking process.


Ensure perfectly shaped and sized bakery products

Bakery products may contain too little or too much dough. It causes products with incorrect size and shape not meeting standards - and in some cases shapes that cause problems in the packaging process.

Bakery manufacturers can use vision inspection in processing lines to inspect the shape and size of all products, ensuring that only products with the right shape and size proceed are packed and leave the factory.


Check the unique traits of your bakery products

Bakery products may have a distinct trait such as e.g., nut topping. If consumers are disappointed by its absence, it is usually important for manufacturers to check.

We inspect all sorts of specific traits upon request to ensure that our customers’ products meet the expectations of their customers.



Discover how TriVision's Production Intelligence
can optimize your production

Enhance your production performance by utilizing the power of data. See how TriVision’s cloud-based data analytics platform helps manufacturers of baked goods to optimize their production processes and achieves significant annual savings.

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