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A Flexible Vision Solution
for Essential Packaging Inspection

VisioOne® is an effective vision inspection system for essential packaging applications. The flexible system is installed on top of an existing conveyor ensuring a swift and simple changeover.

Featuring a single camera, VisioOne® efficiently verifies labels of primary and secondary packaging and provides an effective real-time overview of inspection data and production performance.

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Efficient Label Inspection and Verification

VisioOne® offers inspection of label and artwork, print, and barcode with top and side inspection.

It provides documentation of compliance and elaborating production statistics, ensuring maximum efficiency.

VisioOne® is designed to meet any requirements, as its components are available in different materials.


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  • Ideal, flexible solution for essential inspection of primary or secondary packaging
  • Quick and easy changeovers
  • Includes camera, light, housing, cabinet with all electrical components and operator panel
  • Brackets, shielding, and ejection unit are optional
  • Shielding and brackets are customized for the specific packaging line
  • Effective real-time overview of inspection data and production performance
  • Cloud-based backup & Production Intelligence
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Technical Overview


Camera: USB 3.0 Colour Area Scan

Camera Housing: Aluminium and PA (standard) or stainless steel AISI 316 (optional)

Electrical cabinet: Power-coated sheet steel (standard) or stainless steel AISI 304 or 316 (optional)

Housing dimensions: Diameter: 80 mm, Length: 176 mm

Cabinet dimensions: Height: 278 mm, Length: 344 mm, Width: 146 mm

Enclosure rating: Camera housing: IP67 (standard) or IP69K (optional). Electrical cabinet: IP66 (standard)



Power: 230 VAC / 50 Hz, Max 10 A

Consumption: 0,25 kW (Average)


Built-In Computing System

Processing system: Compact PC

Operating system: Windows 10 Professional

Interface: Gigabit Ethernet and USB

Communication protocol: OPC UA and REST

HMI: 12’’ full HD multi-touch panel

Language: All languages available




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