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Quality Control of Ready Meals
and Convenience Food

Increasingly, more people have less time to cook with our modern way of life. Many options of prepared meals exist, and consumers want the same quality as they get in a home-cooked meal.

We ensure the quality of convenience food products to make sure that expectations of consumers on the fly are met.

Pizza 1×1

Packaging Inspection

Fresh Ready Meals
with Perfect Labelling

The quality of ready meals and the customer experience is closely related to the packaging quality. Our vision solutions make a big difference for producers of convenience food and their customers by ensuring intact packaging that is labelled correctly.


Fresh Meals

Seal validation of package seals ensures that ready meals remain fresh and tasty

Food Safety

Correct labelling ensures ingredients are correctly listed to prevent allergenic hazards

Easy Peel Packaging

Seal inspection facilitates looking into welding processes and an easy peeling

Case Story

Heemskerk fresh and easy

Discover how Heemskerk fresh and easy implemented TriVision solutions to ensure perfect packaging, fresh products and an efficient production.


Product Inspection

Ensured Consistency
In Prepared Meals

The mix of different food ingredients and toppings must be consistent in every meal to meet customers' expectations and make customers loyal.

We inspect prepared foods and meals during its processing to help producers consistently deliver products that meet the set quality standards.


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