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An Efficient Solution
For Inspection of IML Packaging

TriVision's IML-Inspector® automates the quality inspection of molded plastic cups produced with in-mold labelling technology.

Producers of IML packaging aim for a high quality level as their customers, large global food producers, require intact, perfectly labelled perfect packaging that matches the quality of their food products.



Multiple Inspections
In One Solution

IML-Inspector® is a complete quality control solution for producers of IML packaging, inspecting all the aspects of IML packaging that matters.

By Inspecting IML packaging from all sides, our solutions detect all:

  • Overmould errors, which can cause leakages
  • Dosing errors, which shows on the edge of the container.
  • Errors in integrated artwork
  • Misplacement of integrated artwork
  • Errors in date markings
  • Barcode errors

This is the way forward - no doubt.

The TriVision solutions have great flexibility and are ready for future developments.

Superfos, Denmark

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