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Integrated Vision System
for Food Packaging Inspection

VisioLine® is a standardized vision inspection system for integration in thermoformers.

By implementing the quality control of food packaging within the thermoforming machine, valuable footprint on the factory floor is saved.

Additionally, VisioLine® is the perfect solution for inspecting packages of thin, flexible foil, as seal inspection usually must be performed before the punching process to achieve reliable failure detection.

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Standardized Vision Inspection Systems

Powerful Machine Vision
For Any Thermoformer

The VisioLine® consists of a main housing with cameras and lights, an electrical cabinet and an HMI panel.

The housing is fitted into the packaging machine with customized brackets while the cabinet is placed separately.

The HMI panel is built into the cabinet or onto the packaging machine.

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  • Seal and label inspection of food packs before punching process
  • High-speed inspection - up to 10 m/min
  • Quick and easy format change
  • Inspection results are delivered to an external ejection system
  • Effective real-time overview of quality data and production performance
  • Industry 4.0-ready with multiple comm. protocols and MES/ERP connectivity
  • Cloud-based backup and production intelligence tool

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