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Ensure Consistency in Sweets and Confectionery

Consistency matters in candy and confectionery as people have favourite sweets for a reason.

Whether it’s about ensuring a consistent appearance in wine gums or the presence and amount of a specific chocolate on a chocolate figure, our vision solutions help confectionery manufacturers ensure consistent product quality.

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Packaging Inspection

Consistent Packaging
That Complies

Candy and confectionery come in different types of packaging, depending on the product. That means each manufacturer usually has very individual inspection requirements for packaging inspection.

By inspecting the artwork of the packaging, our vision solutions can help manufacturers of candy and confectionery to ensure a perfect, appealling appearance, as well as perfectly printed date markings and readable barcodes.


Shape, Size And Colour Inspection

Ensure Perfect Appearance of Sweets and Confectionery

To ensure consistency in confectionery and appearances of sweets, we offer solutions to inspect the colour of different types of sweets and confectionery.

This enables manufacturers to ensure that all sweets produced with an unappealing appearance are detected and rejected, and that only confectionery meeting the set quality level leave the factory.


Foreign Object Detection

Detect Foreign Objects Among Sweets

Manufacturers producing mixed sweets carefully define each product mix, knowing exactly what combination of sweets consumers desire and expect at each purchase.

Our vision inspection solutions detect all kinds of foreign objects among sweets to prevent bad customer experiences and food hazards. We also detect if specific mixes of sweets contain sweets that are not supposed to be present, ensuring consistency in the product’s mix.


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